June 8, 2011

Bloom Where I'm Planted

So we have been renting a condo in WI for over 6 months now, while we do a rent to own on our home in MN. We love being here in WI! This is the first time we have rented since being married. So, it's different for us. We Love our neighbors, SO very grateful for that because you never know how that could be.
I am trying to be grateful in all things, trying to be content, trying to bloom where I am planted whether renting or owning :) . It's hard to have no yard and no house to make your own, Plus we LOVE LOVE LOVE doing housework, yardwork, fixing things up, decorating, entertaining and all that jazz that makes owning a home that much more fun!

So, as I strive to BLOOM where I am planted I will say that I have one room that makes me happy in this house I am striving to make a home. With blooming where I am planted I do the best I can with what I have (Which I happen to love).

My Living Room

Rocking Chair Made by my Grandpa Nogle with $3 clearance Throw pillow from Target

This is a handmade dresser that my great, great uncle made for my Great Grandparents (Lewis & Amalia Nogle) in 1912 for their Wedding Gift! *Side note, my Great Grandpa Lewis is Humphry Bogart's cousin. That's right baby, that makes the Humphster my 5th cousin. How's that for cool!

Old Time Family Picture taken in the WI Dells. Yellow Placemat is a World Market Clearance item. Prayers book was 25 cents at a Library book sale. Blue vase & bowl are from Jeremy's adorable Grandma Chapman. Beaded plate is a Target Clearance item from about 8 years ago! I love it all!

Jeremy scored this gorgeous, old piano bench at the end of someone's driveway in Bloomington, MN. Who would throw such a beautiful piece away!? One man's junk is another man's treasure! And I do treasure this! All I did to it was sand some rough edges & distress the edges a bit. Perfect little coffee table.

 My mom had this in our living room growing up. I love this Chest!

I made the wreath hanging on the window

This doll was my Great Aunt Margaret's. I have always been intrigued by this doll.

 I cut up an old skirt that I LOVED and put it in my $5 flea market window

 The Hero Tales of the Bible book is from 1927. I got it for $1 at a Flea Market.

The little Vases/box were on Clearance at Michaels years ago! I got them all for like $5 altogether!

The picture with the flowers my mom bought for me when I moved in to my apartment in my pre-marriage days. 

The clock I got on Clearance at Target maybe 6 years ago.

The beautiful little clay pottery was made by my Addyson for This past Mother's Day. I will treasure it always :)


Kelly said...

LOVE all the pictures!!!!!

carinaq said...

Ha! When I first saw the title of this post, I had brief concern that I would read about how awful your neighbors are!! :D

I totally understand this post and my whole first year living here, I felt the exact same way, still do many days. The white walls, the feeling that nothing is really "yours," hate that.

Since we're "stuck" here for awhile longer and won't be buying again for a few more years, I've had to force myself to make it as much of "ours" as possible within reason. You've obviously seen the changes out front and we've painted both girls' rooms (after getting permission, which is the part I hate).

I hope to do a little more painting to help alleviate the horrible whiteness that drives me insane and if it were my place, I'd do so much more, but alas, I have to constantly remind myself that it is just a rental and not ours to improve, mostly.

But I wish my living room was as adorable as yours - I love what you did with the top part of the fireplace, might have a do a similar version of that myself (and get rid of all the kid toys already). Never sure what to do with those crazy alcoves high up, seriously, what the heck do you do with a space like that? Wasted space in my book, should have made a loft instead, but again, it's not really my place.

Wow, apparently your post really struck a cord for me! So in summary, I feel ya sista!! :)