April 16, 2013

Some of My Favorite Books

 This is a memoir written by a woman who survived the horrific holocaust. 
This is such an amazing story, so perfectly written. 

This is BY far THE absolute best book that I have ever read. There is nothing else to say about it other than that! Every Francine Rivers book truly is a must read!

1920's Hollywood 

This is another Wow! Captures you right away in the first couple of pages and you cannot put it down. 

Another historical fiction book that sets you in the midst of WWII

 This book will forever change you. You will have such a desire and yearning to love and pray for the women of Afghanistan after reading this.

From start to finish. You have to press through with this one. When you finish you will have an in awe moment. Complete story package.

There is a movie based on this book too, which was fun to watch and see how they adapted it to film.

Must read Orphan Train. It's SO good!

The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers is excellent!

The Help is a must read and then the movie is a must see!

Another excellent read!

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