September 18, 2013

Gentle Reminders in the Midst of My Insecurities

God's timing can be so sweet. And so precious. And so out of the blue sometimes.

I have to share a very sweet little thing that happened to me today that I completely do not find at all coincidental.

A little background of the past couple of weeks...I have been feeling just a little discouraged. One of my biggest struggles in life is when someone doesn't like me. I don't know why I let it get to me so much. I really do like people and get along with most people. I love making new friends. I feel like I am a nice person with a good heart and pretty pure intentions. I am an open book, I have never claimed to be perfect and I don't think I act like my poop doesn't stink.

I could have a room full of 200 people. 199 friends and people who like me and who I get along with. But I will dwell and ponder and worry about that 1. That one little guy or gal can ruin the whole thing. WHY DO I LET THAT BOTHER ME??? Any other full grown adults out there who fret about the same stuff?

Anyone else allow someone to intimidate you?

It's my own insecurity.

With fostering little ones I find myself among new people and learning to fit in with new moms.  I have had a good thing going and a good comradery with my school age children/parents of, etc. I am trying to get a good thing going with parents of toddlers now too, as I go back in time a bit with the baby stage. It's been 5 years since I have had a 1 yr old. While that time flies, it's amazing how much you can forget and how EASY life can be once your kids are the "I can wipe my own butt" age.

Without going into detail as far as who, what, when, or where regarding this one person out of 1 billion who is causing me to feel all sorts of insecurities...Just know that they exist. It's my issue and I need to buck up and just have confidence and say "WHO CARES!"...

But it's hard...

So in the meantime, today happened.

My Jesus blessed me today.

I had story time at the library with my little ones. And lo and behold an angel of a mother came to sit by me. She sought little ole me out. And she said...and I quote...and I promise I am not one for vain flattery or one to pat myself on the back. But this is too good to not share. "You looked pretty lovable so I decided to come and sit by you"

And I come to find out she has OLDER kids too!!! And a toddler.

Jesus gave me a new friend today.

I love making new friends.

I love God's gentle reminders.

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