September 25, 2013

The Kindness Challenge

I am having one of those days.

Like an I've been there, done that, & I am not doing it again, kind of day.

Feeling annoyed by people's judgments. Others lies. Man's cruelty. People believing lies.
I'm tired of putting up with stuff, being the good guy (I think), while the bad guy carries on with their destructive ways.

It may be learning about another person's suffering that causes me to realize, Life is WAY too short for petty crap. For game playing. For women to be so catty with one another.

It's all about perspective. Being confident. Not worrying what others think, which is hard for me.

I do pause to wonder, why are women so mean to one another sometimes?

We should be sticking together and having one another's backs! Shouldn't we? Women should all band together and unite as one. Celebrating our differences and deciding to learn from another rather than be so critical and judge.

This little mom works.
This little mom stays home.
This little mom makes home cooked dinners.
While this little mom buys McDonald's.
And this little mom compares herself to all the others crying wah wah wah all the way home.

Many of us play comparison games and try to justify our own ways of doing things by putting down another. We feel inferior so we have to boast to make ourselves feel superior. Putting down another will never make us feel superior or happy. It will only make us more miserable.

Many of us rarely stop to look at someone through the eyes of God. Eyes that are SO loving, gracious, merciful...full of compassion and tenderness; Understanding & love.

We absolutely don't treat others with enough of that grace or compassion that we desire.

Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle" -Plato

We all have struggles and things inside of us that cause pain or sorrow throughout our lives.

Spreading lies, stretching truths, trying to make yourself look better than the person next to you will never be the answer. It will never get us anywhere.

We too often think we know what others are thinking or about to do or say, so we try to beat them to the punch and sabotage them before they can sabotage us.

We women act & judge prematurely far too often based on our own assumptions.

Our own insecurities and guilty consciences can be our worst enemy.

Hold back.

Think before speaking and doing.

Relax and just be kind to everyone who crosses paths with you.

Accept and love, while embracing differences. God didn't make me judge, so I doubt he made others one either. :) Agree to disagree. Know that we all offer something. And everyone can learn something from everyone.

We have to stop judging someone else's outside with our own inside. It causes us to be our own worst critic as well as seek to find fault in another.

I would love to see more women vow to love and treat others with more of that grace and compassion that we hope to receive from others.

Shocked with despair
Never thinking it would be her
No time to lose my hair
to have my health would I prefer

Her life is at a stand still
While the world around carries on
This battle she fights is uphill
The nightmare lingers on

The woman who lost her parent
The one who lost her spouse
The woman whom the police have a warrant
The one who will lose her house

The woman scorned
The one whose heart is torn

The woman yearning for a child
The one who lost hers
The woman whose husband just filed
The one whose addiction causes slurs

The woman contemplating suicide
The one carrying a secret 
The woman with such deep pain inside
The one with guilt she can't admit

Hurt, Pain, Malice
None wish to suffer alone
Yet this world is far too callous
In life too much that is unknown

You don't see the tears I cry
I don't know your deepest regret
I wish that as each day goes by
We can vow to love, forgive and simply forget

-Laura Chapman

The Extra Kindness/No Gossip Challenge
Oct 1- 31

This is a NO gossip pledge.

I am vowing and asking others to join me for 31 days of no back stabbing, no malicious behaviors, no catty ways, no lies, no gossip, no looking at the negative or finding fault.

I challenge myself and others to finding the good in others. Killing people with kindness. Not arguing. Extending grace & mercy, compassion & love to all who you come in contact with.

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