October 2, 2013

Kindness Challenge Day 2

Let's strive for patience today!

However knowing that we may need to persevere more than anything because as we acknowledge our need for patience we may be tested to the max.

Remember NO ONE thinks just like you or me. We are all different and THAT is good!!!  :)

There will be people that push our buttons. Persevere. Grin & Bear it. Smile and move on.

Don't allow your mind to dwell on the annoyances but rather the blessings and good things that come your way today.

There are people that may need to be avoided.

Being kind isn't being a doormat.

Being kind isn't allowing others to take advantage of you.

There will be Jackie Joy Stealers that try to steal your joy. There will be Debbie Downers who try to depress you. Negative Nellie's who aim to grab all of your positivity. Joe Jerks who try and tick us off. Bad drivers who you may want to give a middle finger wave to.

The harder we try the tougher the people sometimes.


To love is a choice.

Choose love today over anger, hate, or impatience.

Refrain from arguments.

Breathe deep and smile.

Carry on.

We can do this.

1 comment:

jdecleene said...

At this very moment, my oldest son is digging through the linen closet to find flannel sheets for his queen bed. He mistakenly tried a twin set that goes with his brothers room...they didn't fit. No problem I say! I tell him what colors to look for as I have some nice older sets from LL Bean still. He uses them every year!

Next set, still twin...ok, try again. Mind you I'm in bed already & he mistakenly put on the freshly cleaned summer sheets from the dryer back on his bed...so we know he can make the bed. Ha!

Next item out of the linen closet, a regular flat sheet...not even flannel. I ask if he's tired since clearly we are going backwards now...& still Mom is trying to be nice!

The next thing that came out of that closet...a light green table cloth! I kid you not! Warning! Warning! Danger up ahead! Mom is going to blow it...

As he stands in my doorway, looking at me...he says I don't think this is it.

I only told him 3 times which shelf are the right flannel sheets...

But wait...

I took a new approach...think woman, think...you need to be kind & I'm seconds from losing it...

I simply asked him to come in, sit on my bed, asked him if he knew what flannel looked & felt like...and he said yes. :-)

Naturally, there was only one thing left to do tonight...

I simply & kindly asked him to leave my room, shut the door, & when he found what he was looking for...he would have flannel sheets on his bed! I didn't care how long it took (in my head)

I'm afraid to go look...this might take all night. Good thing he does online virtual school.

I successfully avoided screaming like a lunatic! So I had to make a note of this since I was tested to beyond normal limits of patience within 48 hr's of this challenge...not funny God!

Not funny!

Goodnight all!