October 15, 2013

Thoughts by Teresa Prier

This past week was an interesting challenge for me. I joined this challenge thinking, this is a challenge that will affect me.. hoping I will be kinder to those around me, so they will be slightly affected through the choices I choose to make. Making what God is already trying to teach me in this area, rise to the forefront of my mind.  But this past week it challenged me in a way I didn't expect. And my children were able to watch and be guided in the ways God yearns for us to be.

Now, this just didn't affect them because I was kinder to them and they thought, Yay mom was nice today. It affected them in their hearts to the point where we had some pretty deep conversations on how being kind can show up in so many different ways, not just being "nice".

There were multiple things that happened, however, one of them I feel truly placed our week in motion. It all started on Monday. I was walking to the bus stop to get my children. They ride separate buses so after one gets off I have a good 15 minutes where the other moms and I just stand around and chit chat. Well, on this particular Monday, as I was approaching the bus stop, I noticed some people standing there talking to one of my friends. I immediately realized what they were doing. Now, I feel very confident in my beliefs, but struggle with confrontations.. I pray diligently on every question that comes my way when it comes to my Lord.. and these people we speaking deception to someone right in front of me. As I approached them I immediately stated to pray for God's words, not mine. My older son got off the bus as I started teaching, and showing God's love to these people.. and He was able to listen and learn how God can use us, his children, in his works. The entire time, my heart was stammering, hands shaking.. my kindness seemed to be extended to the group that was being deceptive. To the naked eyes it seemed that I was passionate but thinking carefully on how to show love as I shared God's desires for us. But that isn't where my son and I saw the kindness. Yes I was kind to them, and I am sure they were grateful.. but the kindness we came to see stronger was the witness to this friend. She's not a believer, she did not want to hear what they had to say.. truly, they cornered her where they knew she wasn't able to leave, the bus stop.. But when I stepped in, God used me to show her God was protecting her.. I was the deliver of God's message to show his love is pure, faithful, and KIND! Because I did not blast them out, or ridicule them.. I was able to be what God wants himself to be shown as. When they were gone, she opened up to Joe and I about her past with God and she was receptive to hearing about God and how amazing he truly is!

Now, I know I didn't witness the way I wanted to. I know my words were fumbled and although I got my point across, it wasn't as eloquent as I see so many others talk. But God used it for his good. All week I was able to guide my boys in different situations that required kindness. And through the good and bad situations, God was teaching me, your choices affect everyone around you in more ways than you just being perceived as a kind person. It will open the hearts of your friends, your husband, and your children ..even strangers, to who God really is and should be inside of us.. Jesus' love.

"So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in Him, rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness."  Colossians 2:6

-Teresa Prier

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