April 9, 2014

Living For the Next Status Update

What is our motive behind what we post? Why do we post what we post or when we post it? How much of our lives are too much to share? What should we keep sacred? And how much is a waste of time?

Some of us are seemingly living our lives for the next status update. The next instagram picture. Our next tweet, etc. By doing so, are we really savoring the moment; the special, sweet, intimate moments, when we pause and think "quick, let me post that"? We momentarily escape our lives as we travel down the road of social media. We cannot be fully present in both. Our own real lives should take precedence over social media.

Do we fully embrace our lives and live in the moments we share with others by stopping to post every single thing about it?

What about embellishing stories, reenacting moments, staging kids, etc... How much of what we share is for ourselves?

I am not saying there is anything at all wrong with documenting our lives, sharing our days or who we are and what we do. It's the world we live in and I love modern technology. It allows us to stay in close contact with others we may not otherwise see or be able to. It really, truly is awesome.

As with every awesome thing there can be a silver lining though.
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Are our motives in what we say or post marked with good intentions or masked with some nonchalant self pat on the back? Is it vain self flattery? Is it a shout out after spending some time with someone, all for the sake of 'name dropping' perhaps? Is this one of those false humility posts that begin with "So humbled..." or "So honored..." followed by talking about how awesome we may be? Are some of our postings a waste of time in the midst of a busy moment?

I wonder if we just need a little more balance in social media. More down to earth 'realness'.  Perhaps we should be slower to post. Slower to share.  Take time to embrace and fully live in the moments we experience before sharing them, so we don't miss something or the next funny, sweet, cute thing that could happen.  I am desiring to be more present in my actual life, than I am on social media.

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