September 10, 2014

The Story of Us

Once in a while I like to watch these movies with a marriage reminder or little lesson to keep me grounded. I love my husband dearly and we have a good relationship & thing going here after our little 14 years together. But I like these movies nonetheless because they just strengthen that spark as I place myself in another's shoes.  This is an exerpt from the end of one of those movies that I think we can all relate to, if we put ourselves in place of those characters. This is from "The Story of Us" with Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer .

It's fun to remind ourselves of how we first met. Why we fell in love and how marriage truly is a dance we perfect over time not over night.

I love a good ending too! And this movie has one.

Ben and Katie are on the brink of divorce. They separate for a summer while their kids are away at camp.  They agree to let the kids know they are divorcing when they pick them up.

Katie: (in the camp parking lot after loading their kids, Josh & Erin, in the car) I want to go to Chow Funs.

Ben: I thought we agreed we couldn't really talk at Chow Funs.

Katie: I know.

Ben: Are you saying Chow Funs because you can't face telling the kids? Because if that's why you're saying Chow Funs, don't say Chow Funs.

Katie: That's not why I'm saying Chow Funs. I'm saying Chow Funs because we're an us. There's a history here, and histories don't happen overnight. In Mesopotamia of Ancient Troy, there are cities built on top of other cities. But I don't want another city, I like this city. I know what kind of mood you're in when you wake up by which eyebrow is higher, and you know I'm a little quiet in the morning and compensate accordingly, that's a dance you perfect over time. And it's hard, it's much harder than I thought it would be. But there's more good than bad and you don't just give up! And it's not for the sake of the children. But God, they're great kids, aren't they? And we made them, I mean think about that! It's like there were no people there, and then there were people and they grew, and I won't be able to say to some stranger Josh has your hands or remember how Erin threw up at the Lincoln Memorial and I'll try to relax. Let's face it, anybody is going to have traits that get on your nerves, I mean why shouldn't it be your annoying traits, and I know I'm no day at the beach, But I do have a good sense of direction so I can at least find the beach, which isn't a weakness of yours, it's just a strength of mine. And gosh, you're a good friend and good friends are hard to find. Charlotte said that in 'Charlotte's Web' and I love how you read that to Erin and you take on the voice of Wilbur the Pig with such dedication even when your bone tired. That speaks volumes about character! And ultimately, isn't that what it comes down to? What a person is made of? That girl in the pin helmet is still here 'bee boo bee boo' I didn't even know she existed until you and I'm afraid if you leave, I may never see her again, even though I said at times you beat her out of me, isn't that the paradox? Haven't we hit the essential paradox? Give and take, push and pull, the yen the yang. The best of times, the worst of times! I think Dickens said it best, 'He could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean'. But that doesn't really apply here, does it? What I'm trying to say is, I'm saying Chow Funs. Because I love you.

Ben: I love you too. (And they hug)

Ben: Did you hear that, kids? (Running back to the car) Mom wants to go to Chow Funs!

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Becca Groves said...

Oh man. I've never seen the movie and this got me all choked up. It's so perfect. And for this woman, totally logical, even though it clearly shows all that is in our heads at one given moment. Thanks for passing this along. I already hollered to Rory to add it to our Netflix list.