About Me

I love Jesus. I am a Wife to Jeremy and Mom of 3 awesome girls. I am passionate about building others up so they can find freedom in Christ, especially women and girls. I yearn for others to have a godly confidence, higher self esteem and to see themselves through God's eyes. I have a past, as we all obviously do, but in mine I didn't always make the best choices. My life was far from exemplifying God's goodness. Through my writing and different opportunities I look forward to sharing my testimony and journey to true freedom in Christ.

My husband and I pastored for 11, awesome years in WI, then MN, and then back in WI again from 2000-2012. We are now on a little hiatus from full time ministry. I am not sure where the road is all taking us. For now we are still. Our entire marriage, up until now, has been full time ministry/full time pastoring/church life all the way. This is all our children have known as well. We are getting used to this "new normal" for our family. There are things we love about our "now" and things we miss about our "before". Above all, God is God and we know He is using us in some new territory. And we are excited to venture on this journey with Him no matter how it looks.

In this blog I strive to be truly me in hopes that I can encourage and inspire others to be truly themselves as well.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out "Truly Me"!

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