October 7, 2011

Share Your Love Story

It began over 12 years ago. I had been dating the nicest guy. He treated me like gold. It was the perfect example of the "it's not you, it's me" scenario. It wasn't him. It was all me. I couldn't like this nice guy and I didn't know why.

I used to be so picky, so annoyingly, easily "grossed out" & picky. It didn't take much. I once had the nerve to walk over to a guy after a nice expensive dinner, while picking out a movie, to tell him "I think I just want to go home." The reason? The way he stood & the way his butt looked in his pants.

It's not that I thought my poo didn't stink or that I was better than anyone. I was just that picky & could not bring myself to like anyone that showed interest in me.

I scared myself a bit when I couldn't like this guy who didn't do anything wrong. Someone who treated me perfectly.

So I prayed, a sobbing prayer. "God, please...PLEASE, when the 'one' comes along please tell me so I don't ruin it." I honestly thought I'd never get married. I was only 19. But I was THAT picky & that mean to nice, innocent guys who didn't deserve my games.
Sitting in church one morning I look to my left & golly, if I never heard God clearer! "That is your husband". Sitting in a pew up front was this 6 foot 2 inch, 160 lb tall, drink of water. I'm talking long, lengthy sip.


"Okay, God".

I meet the guy eventually. His name is Jeremy (surprise, surprise).
And weird of all weird, I don't pick him a part.

We begin to hang out with the same friends. I was a youth leader & he a youth intern.  The more I got to know Jeremy & the more I actually started to like him. Really Like him.

But I wasn't ever going to tell him my God moment months earlier. NEVER.

My like for him grew...And his obvious like for me grew, though he tried to fight it. After months of friendship we began to "hang out" more and more until it was every day just us. He would do goofy things like "drive past my work downtown & tell me to look out the window". He "put worms on my car" like a little junior high boy. Phone calls, he always the "caller".

After worms & innocent stalking, it was clear, this guy likes me too.

I refused to ever say anything regarding feelings & all that jazz. I told God, "Lord, if he is the one, then he has to make the first move & he has to be the first one to say something".

Lo & Behold, he eventually did. We had the whole "What's going on with us?" chat.

Engaged 6 months later...
Married 3 months after that...

Now almost 11 years & 3 kids...God was right. This is the one for me.

No one else can put me in my place like my big daddy. And no one can whip my strong-willed husband into place with attitude that can cut like a sword, other than me.

I never did tell him I knew he was the one, until after we were married. I had to allow God to work every single detail out.