August 14, 2012

Others, but Not Me

One thing I know or have realized about myself is that I will fight to the death to defend or protect my family or a family member. I will stand up for them. I will fight, fight, fight. You don't mess with my family, oh no you don't.

If I know my family member or even a friend is wrong I will play peacemaker to the nth degree. I can play devil's advocate like no other. Yea, I do this for friends too.

I am a peacemaker. I like love and roses and everyone to just be nice and get along.

I've learned that I can help others and give others great, sound and helpful advice. But when it comes to me personally I don't always stand up for myself or fight for 'me' necessarily. I can't give myself good, sound advice like I can everyone else. I can be there for everyone else. I can always find the silver lining and the good in other's situations. I can help others in their struggles. I can bring peace amidst chaos.

I can be calm in the midst of a storm.

But when my own brain wreaks all havoc I can't help it be still. Anyone else this way? :)

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Rachel said...

Oh I am totally that too!! You are not alone. My first instinct is to care for everyone else first...thinking that's putting others first. Well, I have some good people in my life to remind me that I need to take care of me before I'm able to care for others.

And too, I'm the most critical of myself and see all the flaws or consistently pessimistic about my situation. But I can totally compliment others or see their silver lining without fail or too much thought.