August 3, 2010

Well, Hello there!

Well, This is my blog, I've wanted to start one for a while, but just haven't. Not sure why. Thanks to the advice of some friends and family, here i am! I am already exhausted from setting this thing up. Hahahaha, sad thing is I am not kidding. My mind has a lot on it these days, as soon as I can put it into words I will update with my thoughts for those interested...for those not interested...well, don't read my blog then. :) ha!


Anonymous said...

Hey, you're on blogspot??? cool. I just started one too! How did you get this cool background? Is it just one of the standard ones?

Anonymous said...

Oops...should's Dawn G. Didn't want to put my actual name on the blog.

Ori said...

Hi Laura, So glad you decided to go for it! Having a blog has been such a great adventure for me, forcing me to take a step back and reflect on what God is doing in my life, and sharing this with the people I love. I cannot wait to read about you. Such a sweet way to keep in touch, wherever we are, right?
Much love and cant wait to read MORE !

Jamie Willow said...

I'm a blogaholic, have been for years :) yours is already off to a great start!!! :)