August 12, 2010

Striving to Be REAL in a Fake, Fake World

Why are so many of us afraid of vulnerability? What is it about being "fake" that is so appealing? Are we afraid to be who we really are? Do we even know who we really are? Or is it that we are surrounded by people with opinions so "high & mighty" it causes the unfortunate disease called "worrying what people think". If we would just worry less about WHAT people are thinking and realize they AREN'T thinking about us we'd be SO much more free to do and be who we are!

One thing I know is we live to please God, NOT man. If we are doing what we know God wants us to do, if we are where He wants us to be, if we are who He has made us we're good. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT PEOPLE THINK OR SAY ABOUT US THAT DETERMINES WHO WE ARE. ITS WHO GOD IS AND WHO HE SAYS WE ARE!

The key to breaking this fake, two-faced world we live in, is vulnerability. Being who we are. Staying true to ourselves and to our core. Sticking to the non-negotiables, no matter what. Be strong in the Lord. Be yourself! Open up and don't be afraid. Happy people are REAL people. Happy people are not afraid of vulnerability. To be free, we have got to put ourselves out there!

Sour, unhappy people are FAKE people.

And remember if someone is talking to YOU about someone else, chances are they will talk about you behind your back as well. So beware of the gossipers and backstabbers of this fake, fake world.

Also let's be slow to judge. Quick to love and accept. Slow to make assumptions. Quick to love and see the good in others.

Be strong enough to make our own "opinions". Don't go off of what others say.

Every ONE has a story. Every ONE is worthy of love. We are all equal. We ALL fall short of the glory of God.

And Christians!!! Attention Christians!!! We are in this walk, in this life together!!! Model OUR model! Jesus Christ. The most REAL, vulnerable, loving man to ever walk the face of this earth! Stop being so mean, rude, and judgmental. Being a christian doesn't make us better, it makes us FORGIVEN! Being a christian doesn't give us a ONE up on anyone else. We've messed up and misconstrued what true christianity is all about.

So, let it start with us. Be Real. Be vulnerable. Don't hide in this fake, fake world. Fakeness only = misery.

~Laura Chapman


Jamie Willow said...

yes! agreed.

Rachel said...

this is really needed, like you mentioned. thanks for the reminder!

peteswife51 said...

I really, really liked this! thanks for the reminder of this, I could read this everyday! Your pretty inspirational!

peteswife51 said...

Peteswife51 is Jan Peterson (Tim Peterson's wife - your second cousin!