October 3, 2010

Normal vs. Weird

I am curious as to what constitutes a person as "weird"... And why is "weird" not the "norm"? Why is normal not weird? Who's to say you're not the weird one? I, for one, take great joy in people saying "Oh my gosh, you are such a weirdo". Especially coming from my siblings or close friends, etc. To me those are words of endearment. Such as when I might call someone a dork, goof, or nerd. It's all in love.

I read a post recently that classified a group of individuals as weird. I got to thinking, so, if EVERYONE around me is "weird"...everyone but me, well, doesn't that in a sense make me the odd man out? So by their standards wouldn't they be the norm and me be weird?

Anyhoo, What IS normal anyways? And who wrote the definition for it? What is weird? What constitutes a person as weird?

Who are we to pinpoint or classify someone as weird or different? Isn't that how God created us? Each Different, yet Equal!?

If we were created different, yet equal, why are we not living like it?

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Lacy said...

I read a similar post and love what you have to say:) I totally agree, nicely put!