August 11, 2011

Family Thoughts...

As summer, unfortunately nears an end and we gear up for another school year I find myself thinking a lot of the average family in today's world. The one thing that comes to mind is "BUSY". We are way too, cotton picking busy people.

Some of us rushing here, there and everywhere, carting the world and ourselves all over kingdom come like chickens with our heads cut off. What has happened to truly valuing QUALITY time? How can we do that when we are so rushed and occupied with life?

Now, I know there are busy seasons in this roller coaster of life. I get it. I have kids. I have a life. We understand busy. But I am SO thankful my husband and I are on the same page as far as balance! Balance is the key! Is your life balanced? Does your family come first NO MATTER what?

I have a few bits of advice that are just on my heart to share in hopes that they might encourage someone to take control of their family time and VALUE these short years we have with our children at home instead of shuffling them & ourselves off everywhere!

1. One kid, One event. Period.
2. Think about creating a starting age for events. We started Carter at 3 (firstborn syndrome) Waited for Addyson who is now 6 & starting riding lessons. But we'll see if we can stick with that and keep Makenna (4) from an activity besides the library story time til she is 6.
3. Look ahead in calendar planning. A calendar, when you can help it should be well balanced. A month should not look crammed. If you have an especially busy week, then plan that one of the days you happen to have free is a "keep free/plan nothing" day. I don't care if you have to be constantly doing something! Or if you are one of "those busy bodies". There is VALUE in the stillness!
4. Schedule dates with your spouse. Get them on the calendar. DATES are extremely important to set time aside for!
5. Schedule dates with your kids. Schedule time with each one individually, that you set aside to do whatever they want (within reason). Our kids LOVE coffee dates and just talking.
6. You have the REST of your life to do "everything" else. Remember you will never look back and wish you did one more event, went to one more gathering, meeting, trip, etc... BUT You will look back and wish you spent one more moment with your child(ren).
7. Don't sacrifice your kids on the altar of busyness & hectic schedules. Don't be so willing to trade in your family for anything.
8. Eat at least 3 dinners a week together as a family
9. Love to a child is most often spelled T-I-M-E

We must strive to balance our weeks, then our months, so our years don't fly so tremendously fast. Don't rush this time you have with your children. Don't thrive on them being "gone".

Your child needs you. They need to know that you want to be with them. That you like being with them. That you not only LOVE them, but you like them and thoroughly enjoy them too!

Slow down...Say No...Put your family first

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