November 10, 2011

Thursday Thoughts (My Constant)

I am sitting here in my living room. The snow is falling. I've got a fire burning. I have my coffee and bible next to me. Mac on my lap.

Life is good. My husband is fishing with a good friend. My daughter is in and out every few seconds to give me a tutorial on what she is doing. My older two daughters are at school.

Life is good, because God is good. And because God is good I have peace in & with life and in seemingly ordinary and not so seemingly ordinary days.

While today really is any ordinary day, not much feels familiar in this exact moment.

Each day brings on new joys and new challenges. New ups and new downs. No complaints. Just not familiar. I haven't been in this situation before. Good? Bad? Neither really. Just unfamiliar territory. I'm 32 years old, My kids are 9, 6, & 4. Today is November 10th, 2011. I haven't been here before. I haven't been to this day. After today I won't return. Time moves on. Life goes by.

Different circumstances. Different age. Different stages. Different situations.

Within the unfamiliar territory the constant remains. My Jesus. He is constant.

My constant Companion. Constant Provider. Constant Redeemer. Constant Savior. Constant Friend. Constant Love. Constant Peace Giver. Constant Joy Maker. Constant Lover of my soul. Constant Lord. Constant Son of God. Constant Messiah. Constant Healer. Constant Counselor. Constant Deliverer. Constant Truth. Constant Lord of all. Constant Rock. Constant Light. Constant King. Constant Immanuel. Constant Advocate. Constant Perfecter of my faith. Constant Creator. Constantly Faithful. Constant Hope. Constant Strength. Constant Protector.

I know that no matter where life takes me God will always be. No matter what changes and spins around me, God remains.

Life can throw us wrenches and darts. People can disappoint. Situations can seem unfair, bizarre, misunderstood. But God is beyond faithful. With each familiar or unfamiliar day, ordinary or extraordinary in this ever-changing world, God remains Steadfast, Staunch, Unswerving, Unfailing, Unflagging, Changeless, Unvarying, Ceaseless, Incessant, Never-ending, Perpetual, Unceasing, Unremitting, Continuous, Uninterrupted, and Constant.

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