December 3, 2011

Forever in Our Hearts

On this day, the 2 year anniversary of my brother's tragic car accident that killed 3 of his best friends, he writes:

Everyday I wish that any of you would have survived along with me, but I understand that it's my burden to carry. I'm not alone, I have some of the greatest friends and support I could ask for. I love you so much, and I wish this had never happened to begin with. I will keep you three in my heart with every ounce of consciousness. The earth is just that much worse of a place to live without you three in it. SLS -Andy

If that's not beautifully said I don't know what is.

This video was taken right before the accident. The last moments of their lives.

God bless all who have lost 3 beautiful lives on this day Dec 3, 2009. 
God bless my brother who must live with this burden

December 3, 2009- Forever in Our hearts
I Love You Andy!

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