December 5, 2011

Wandering Aimlessly Through the Duh's of Life

Tonight for dinner I plan to a make an artichoke chicken bake and I needed artichokes since they are not something I generally stock up on and have readily available. I swear I searched that stinking grocery store HIGH and low looking for artichokes. I am telling you E.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e! Up, down, all around! In Laura-like typical fashion I, of course, don't ask anyone for help, and I wander aimlessly around the store searching for canned artichokes. 2 arguing 4 year olds in the cart & one snot nosed 22 month old...Aimlessly wandering. Grabbing other things I need, still looking for the artichokes, semi-cussing in my head because I cannot find the stinkin things. "Appear already you stupid little things!"...I almost lost all of my sanity over stupid artichokes. I even debated in my head which aisle would be best to stock cans of artichokes. Because clearly they weren't near the vegetables for some reason, even though they were! Maybe they are a fruit for some strange reason? Maybe a legume? I don't know, cause I sure as heck ain't seeing them by the vegetables.

BUT, alas, to what should my wandering eye appear after my 8th walk down the canned veggies aisle???? But cans of artichokes out of no where suddenly right where I first-started-looking. To think, I almost changed dinner plans and artichokes ARE really a vegetable.

I don't know why I don't ask people/workers for help when I need it. I don't know why I'd rather wander aimlessly and change an entire menu when I could have been out of the store, ingredient in hand 30 minutes prior had I just asked.

How often do we do this in life? Look for answers that have been in front of us the whole time? Wander aimlessly through life trying to do it all on our own? Wandering through life's moments searching for the ingredients needed for each day in all of the stockpiles of crap we've carried on our own through the years?

Looking for love? Looking for a friend? Looking for guidance? Looking for answers? Look up & look in front of you. Chances are you have been staring at it square in the eye the whole time.

Let's stop searching for answers in the wrong places. Let's stop trying to do life all on our own and accept help from those around us.

God has a purpose for us. He knows the destination and He has placed people all around us that can help.

Life is WAY too short to merely exist. It's way too short to dream away.

Don't waste your life wandering aimlessly...


Rachel said...

Laura, this was such a great reminder for me! I do the same thing that you do. Wander aimlessly because I know I should be able to figure it out without any help. And instead of asking for help, I run through the thoughts of how to change the dinner or whatever I have planned to make something easier with ingredients I'm familiar with. I totally relate!

Thanks for tying it back to what really matters though! This was also a great reminder that as I keep asking God for answers, I'm not doing it probably in the right way or looking at what he's already provided.

Laura Chapman said...

Thank you for your encouragement Rachel! Love You!