March 13, 2012

Awkwardness at its Best

My niece often posts these "that moment when..." type statuses, which have caused me to think of some of my own awkward moments written in a Bailey sort of manner :) Thanks for the idea Bailey! oxox

When you know people read your fb status or tweet & are thinking "seriously, just shut up"...

The awkward moment when your mother in law is doing dishes and you quick try to squeeze another plate in there & walk away nonchalantly.

When staring into space turns into repeated awkward eye contact.

When your daughter's friend's mom's name is Wendy, but in your head you still think its Dawn.

When you try and talk to the person next to you while using the treadmill and you lose your balance and almost fly off.

When the treadmill goes to cool down before you realize it, so the slower change of pace causes an awkward step.

When you forward a text or email to the person who sent it to you.

When people call you or your child the wrong name and you respond like that's really your name

When someone asks you if you are "having another" and you have to tell them, no this is just left over residue.

When you speak/voice your text and fail to check it before sending.

When the toilet paper you placed on that public toilet seat winds up in your pants giving you a lovely new tp tail to complete your ensemble.

When someone at the gym catches you copying their routine. 

That moment when you get home & look in the mirror and say "Did I really look like this in public"

When you ask someone "what?" 50 times and finally just agree though you still haven't a clue what they are saying

When kindness or smiling is mistaken for flirting

When a man is mistakenly in the women's restroom but you panic thinking you are in the men's.

When you've been shopping for yourself at a store for kids

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Jamie Willow said...

Love the mother in law post. Hahaha :) so true :)