September 9, 2011

My Deals

I went to "Harvest Home" in Pewaukee which has quickly become one of my favorite stores/boutiques. They are having a big sidewalk sale.

I got 2 cupcake holders! $2 each!
Fits 2 Bakers Dozen

 And then a got an adorable chair that I plan to paint and reupholster! Cost $3!

Last but not least, I got an adorable Handbag/purse/All Purpose Bag. It cost more than the Chair and Cupcake Holders Combined, but was still on sale. It's one of those bags that I want to keep for myself, but I bought it with the intention of giving it to a certain someone for Christmas. Comes with a wristlet and has a couple of cloth compartments inside. SO CUTE!

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The Almeidas said...

I want that chair! What a great find!