September 28, 2011

My Thrifty Finds

I scored BIG time at a resale shop by me and at Goodwill. I'm on the hunt for plates so that when we move out of our condo and into a house I can be all set for my "wall of plates"! 

I've also had a little craft that I have been wanting to do with some cutesy girly plates.

Add a candle stick, glass, or vase & some hot glue to a plate and you instantly have an adorable chic cake plate or dessert plate.
You cannot go wrong when you can buy plates and glassware anywhere from $ .49 - $ .99!

Then I also got a frame that I plan to spray paint. I am on the lookout for frames. I scored one for $ .99 today at Goodwill. I am planning my girls rooms for when we eventually move into a house. When I have a vision I must pursue it. One can never be too thrifty or too planned out when it comes to decorating. You can save SO much money that way. And it helps to have a style that is very eclectic, romantic, shabby chic. Score one for me!

I got 2 of these adorable vases for my girls' room. Like I said, I have a plan for their room. This vase describes-it-all!
I have begun my Goodwill plate collection for that wall of plates too.

I might be in love with my purchases today.

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