September 2, 2011

Nope, it's JUST a gut.

So 3 times in my life...3 random times...each years apart...I have received the dreaded, most awful question you can ever ask a woman when the answer is "NO".

Now years apart, probably because with seasons and hormones, emotions and circumstances, MOST women "fluctuate" in all different, kinds of ways.

Each time the question was by a WOMAN too! Ladies, aren't we supposed to stick together? Seriously.

More than motivate me, it makes me annoyed. Because each year it's tougher and tougher to be "hot" won't you say? (though I will keep trying anyway)

I consider myself quite confident, so I actually felt worse for the women when they asked annoyingly spoke out this question.

If you are not sure of the answer, DON'T ASK! We all know this rule, do we not ladies?

Another thing...don't look down at a woman's stomach, then up, then glance down again. Cause it's not non-challant even though you think you are being discreet. You might as well just come out and pop the dreaded question.

You wear shirts that aren't fitted as to look more appropriate because quite frankly who wants to see that? But then those shirts look like tents off of your middle which cause the wondering. We just cannot win. (time for sit-ups)

But what we can do is realize we ALL come in different shapes & sizes. God says we are beautiful. AND last but NOT least "DO NOT ASK A WOMAN IF THEY ARE HAVING A BABY UNLESS YOU KNOW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT THAT THE ANSWER IS YES!"


carinaq said...

Ugh, this totally happened to me about 9 months after Ella was born and the yes was definitely (obviously, with the 9 month old baby next to me!) a NO!

I can't believe someone said that though, you don't look remotely pregnant!! Silly woman.

Jamie Willow said...

Ha, at my friends wedding rehearsal dinner her gay friend asked me...he about died when I said I wasn' was kinda funny cause he seriously avoided me the rest of the weekend. And it was totally a peasant shirt style that made it look possible...I thought I looked cute, not
I've heard it said that unless you see the babies head coming out you are never to policy if you ask me ;)